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What is eLearning Anyway?

How would you define eLearning? To find out what the term eLearning means, my colleague Rolf and I did a little just-for-fun field research outside at the student café. Since we were in Fribourg we got a nice taste of the multilingual university culture, with a mix of French, German and Swiss German, as the students told us what eLearning means to them. An interesting bit of research indeed…

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We’re here: https://nte.unifr.ch/blog/podcast/

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  1. Echt intressantes Thema, leider bisher viel zu wenig darüber gehört! Gibts da schon Diplomarbeiten drüber? Weiß jemand was dazu?

  1. 20 décembre 2006

    e-Learning = Google?…

    Ich habe mir soeben den Podcast “What is eLearning Anyway?” vom Blog Edutech NTE Podcast angehört. Einen lieben Dank meinen Schweizer Kollegen .
    Hier wurden Studierende in einer kleinen Feldstudie befragt, was denn für sie eLearning sei….